Unsere hehren Grossbanken: Credit Suisse wird in Italien untersucht …

… wegen Verdachts auf Geldwäscherei.

The Italian investigation started about two years ago when tax auditors flagged irregularities to prosecutors, the people said. In late 2014, searches at the bank’s key offices in Italy turned up a list of 13,000 private and corporate clients with 14 billion euros of funds in Swiss accounts, including the 8 billion euros allegedly transformed into insurance policies, said the people. The amounts involved are still under review, said the people.

Und angeblich gab es dazu sogar ein Handbuch, wie sich Angestellte verhalten sollen, damit sie nicht die Aufmerksamkeit der Behörden auf sich ziehen:

They also found a Credit Suisse manual instructing employees how to handle relationships with clients so as not to arouse the attention of authorities about their contacts, they said.

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